Tuesday, February 2, 2010

January is gone already

Am three minutes into making the commitment of blogging every day! keeping this short. Feb is here had a nice end to the month of January, work has started, liking the work flow that is coming my way, the yelling from the bank and the continued interia.

Dinner was beer with an old old friend, lazy conversations, updating each other on life, and there is so much left unsaid and so much that gets conveyed. When you can connect pick up the conversation without a gap, and share without any hesitation, that makes one go so warm.

The new year, began alone in a crowd, with me washing my mouth with hand wash to escape the delhi cops. A chocked conversation, with MM and we ushered in the year on uncertainty. For a month its been very eventful.

Lets see, met immediate family, met love of my life, my doggy, went to college and was smacked with a heavy doze of what you have been out for over 5 years and what the hell have you done with your life? Managed to see old friends moving along, and admired from a distance their picture perfect lives. For the first time, found myself wanting the STABLE SECURE choices that marriage wanted! Puke.. D does that too me, meet too many saattlled people.
Hmmm then came the trip to Shekawati, A bunch of old Rajasthan houses dilapidated and lost in time. Time stood still here, one day could roll into the other and it would not matter. Makes one feel transitory..............

Felt good to be home, to spend time just being, New work. new gym, new friends, new feeling of being ok with being alone. lots of noise and deep silence. Letting go of some people. shopping movies and a new pup. That is how the month ended. a maternal me sitting and feeding chewies to a pup. Sad and yet not..

To a more action packed Feb! may the essays be written by a magical sword!