Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Am restless, bored, agitated, disgusted, stressed and hopelessly deflated. In all this am also lazy.

Tomm am going to teach yoga to a stroke patient, lord help the man.
Am going to brainstorm on a course for MBA students, lord help them
interia driven, taxed, anxious me read a lot while I plotted my future
Home, by Manju Kapur

Am so ready to fall off a cliff and die.

In addition, 2 friends broke up, 2 friends resumed their status of not being in a relationship but being together, 2 friends married fought on valentines day, roomate went back to high end flirting minus emotional atyachar, princess D letters, god bless her soul how many did she write were revelaed and I got one more postcard from New Zealand

Mission 3
To get as many postcards from as many countries, starting now!