Saturday, February 20, 2010

de cluttering

I am the center of my universe.

Full STOP!

This may not be a full blown blog post. but that has been the realization of the day. That I am the center of my world. What i feel I feel. What I dont feel I dont feel. If I cry, i cry and if not then  not.

Life is in transition. some days are happy days, some days are not.
some days i dont want to meet anyone and some days where no company is enough
somedays where i want to flirt like a whore,and some days where i want to pray like the saint
i light a diya every day. and smoke a ciggie too
i say a mantra, every day, and swear almost daily too.
I care and am selfish
I love and am detached.
I feel trapped and liberated
I hate my life, and would not have it any other way
I love my life, and praise myself everyday
This is me
Simply happy at cleaning the cupboard
buying a photo frame
a vets visit and seeing images from never land
that is me.
homely gypsy