Friday, February 12, 2010

Dream Date

Date Game

I have never ever gotten a chance to play this game, but have been wanting to for FOUR years. That is a long time if there ever was one.

So what is this game? Hmm it is something that I conjured up on the way to Nanda Devi four years ago. Contrary to the name, it is a game to be played by 2 people who are in a relationship. The idea: to have harmless fun and add on the memory bank.

Rules of the Game
One of the partners, has to plan and prepare a 12 hour date for the other person. It must be experiential, and last from morning to the night.  You cannot exceed a net budget of Rs 3000 for both people.  CAVEAT- You can exploit any connections that you have to make the experience more fun. The date is then rated; on a pre-developed scoring card. To make it fun, you can change the scoring card to what the hell you want each time.

Give it 2 months, 6 dates and then the person with the highest score gets to be the Supreme Lord and Master. Gets to get the other person to do anything they want, sexual favours, meet the parents,  buy them something .. you get the drift.

The cutest thing about the game is conjuring up what to do with the person. Was seeing the silly show “DARE TO DATE” and scoffed at the lame things they did. But hang on.. what the hell would I want to plan.. am clueless. So VALENTINED over by the media, at least in imagination are my dream dates ;-) 

Little things that I have always wanted to do:
Ø  I kidnap the man, this is a tough one to do in the budget but can be pulled off. Have spoken to his boss, got the long weekend set, and convince him that I need to be dropped, get him to the airport and wala, we are in another place, somewhere never been, all arranged, the cottage booked and a surprise vacation is set, just like that without him knowing any better.
Ø  This is the dream proposal setting, one of the bluest sea and beaches, where we have dinner on the beach. As we walk along the shore, I come across a strange spectacle. A huge circle of candles on the sand. Gently lit, a short walk from the room, 2 drinks and 1 rug  between the circle, music and us. The night and the sand. (Hope to be wafer thin and carriable to the room by then)
Ø  The date where the man has one rule, he has to remain in bed all day. That is the date, without letting either partner get bored, to come up with imaginative, kinky or non kinky things that are to be done. Everything is permitted, no one activity can be repeated. Choose from seduction, massages, reading to each other, talking, playing monopoly, debating what to order in, long showers, movie marathon… do things but remain confined to the bed
Ø  Always wanted to do this, get a whole bunch of PAINTS. Reds, Yellows, Orange, bright loud colours, sponges, brushes, and overalls. The mission to paint and entire wall.. loud music, grooving and just do whatever catches your fancy. The secret ending to this, is body painting. Blindfold the person, and u paint on the persons back. One tiny stroke at a time, and make them guess what has been painted. 
Ø  Photo day. Dedicate one of the days to do, the photo shoot, u know the kind that u saw in Rockon. Make funny faces, take each other snaps, close ups, sepia tones. In the house, here n there, take the car and drive out, shoot fingers toes, kisses, fall into lakes and shots of everything that you can think of.
Ø  Break the RULE DATE- MOST FUN DATE!!!!!
You think and list out all the silly rules tat you have made for yourself. And break each of them. Each person lists a set of challenges that the other person never ever ever shall do. Yell in a theater, eat from someone elses plate, stand on the bar at hard rock café, sing a karaoke song, whatever that the other person hates you can get them to do, get a haircut that is so not u, A set of challenges where the stakes get higher and there are 24 hours to complete them all ;-) Do this u get - To try this in ........
Ø  Cook a meal, with a difference-  Imaginative and sensual cooking is done, where something new is tried, then u shoo the person in the other room and get the setting set, the dinner is laid out, the aroma set, the meal eaten, and u dance, slow dance, seduce without touch, and end with a prolonged massage

This is not what I am to be thinking of when there is no romance in life!! But the idea of being silly and actually planning creative things to do make the entire experience so much more fun. They no matter, how stupid add on to the memory bank so effortlessly…… and half the fun is planning the entire date, the anticipation of the persons face, the surprise, the week flies by in waiting for the next idea to pop that u know shall get u the biggest bowl of brownie points.