Monday, February 22, 2010

water crystals

A movie! In a yoga ashram, are you are not kidding us? All right then, bring it on. Bright smiles lit everyone’s faces; as coke was replaced with herbal water, pop corn with oranges and we all sat down to see the movie.
What the bleep do we know was what followed. Not quite a Meg Ryan flick, but was a movie like no other. Mixing Meta physics, quantum mechanics all told through the eyes of a deaf and dumb heroine whose life literally unravels to reveal the little beeping parts below… a must watch (

There was one scene in the movie that was particularly fascinating. The main actress is about to catch the metro, and is on the platform.  She stops and is drawn to an exhibition. It’s an exhibition of water molecules that have been exposed to different thoughts and each of them have crystallized in a different manner.

Masaru Emoto, a Japanese author claims to have photographed, images of water droplets that are frozen and then photographed. This is what his research over several millions of water droplets frozen claim, “there is a connection between what we think, our thoughts and our body at a molecular level” 

To me it makes simple sense. Our bodies are 70% water, held in cells, of various tissues, muscles, blood vessels etc. We think from our mind, the mind is connected to the body, and to have a bodily reaction to our thoughts makes perfect sense. Some of his images, and findings were spell binding.

He found that simple things like prayers, words of gratitude, even taping a note saying thank you changed the shape of water. In the complete opposite end of the word, or classical music changed the crystal formation of the water droplet….

The images that these water crystals had were vivid and clear. The message simple, how we think impacts our very being.(

But is so tough to be happy, carefree and light when things are out of thwack, there is no way you can tell the cells to say, hey guys listen up. This is rough, and we are going to make it. There shall be moments when we shall be low but please can that silly mutation thing you keep getting yourselves to do. It’s just a bleep allright, so stick to a basic shape and shall warn you when it is all over”

The worst part of “knowing” and “believing” all this is that you have to also then know that You are pretty much responsible for your life. Humbling thought that one. No one is left to blame then.

Water crystals. hrrmmpphh

Wonder what shape the cells are taking now.