Sunday, February 28, 2010

1 month already ;-)

It has been a month since I started this Blog, exactly one month. 11 more to go and I am already in love with the process of making a blog on a daily basis. Most days posting something has been effortless, though a scan of the blogs past makes me sound like a super deep pensive sort of a person with little or no light moments to the day. So unlike the real me.

The inception of this excercise for me has made me think a lot more. Some days I wake up wondering what it is that I want to write about and on other days it has flown. The conviction that 2010 remains a year of immense change is still strong, this space shall let me document for me how the journey unfolds.

Interestingly today is also the last day of the month. 2 months and 2010 is 16.67% over ( did the maths using thye rug as paper) and the going has been well slow. But hey there have been good steps made.
  • for starteres started the yoga journey
  • begun fitness on a serious note
  • freelance windows are opening and closing likle a well rehearsed ochestra, the conversations shall sort themselves out into real concrete work
  • i feel positive, every day my optimism levels are sky high
  • Machku singh, has learnt to sit, manged to not get adopted and still jumps into my lap the minute she sees me.
  • MM, GR, Mr. Post IT remain staunch supports, Ms Body Shop decided to get married. Brother dear got all excited about his coming marriage and so lives are chugging along just fine
There is still lots more to do. Have a good feeling about March. The borad things to cover are (i) applications ,... I know i know stop talking and do them already. (ii) make serious money (iii) 1 trek/day trip and (iv) mumbai .. this all has to be done.

On urelated trivia, I have always loved the month of February reminds me of Spring and Mughal gardens. The fact that it is burning in Bangalore has npot dampened this at all

Trivia 2-

The walls of someone houses speaks volumes about who they are. Often people spend on getting the right couches and then are too lazy to bnother with the walls and all they have are some hideous flowers in a gold frame., a pic of some god and if you really really push it, then ONE marriage photo.

All the nicer houses are a collection of knick knacks., that speak abgout hte person., photos, art, some random poster, a baileys bottle with something growing out of it, a pencil box made from a discarded blue tumbler, a ashtray that u picked up in hampi, little thiungs that are not costly but tell the vistitor who youy are beyond the obvious. Unless there is nothing beyond the obvious ;-)

To newness, travel, pottery and abundance. Welcome March