Thursday, February 18, 2010

I did it, one more 1st

I did I did I did I did
I taught a yoga class! I did

I did it. After 3.5 years of stating, thinking and talking about it, I finally managed to up myself and take a class. And that too a tough yoga class, where the person being taught was someone whose limbs were weak from multiple surgeries. Meaning, that half the asanas that I would have wanted him to do, I could not manage. But I did it.
Time for self praise and a pat on the back! Well done, it is a new beginning that shall take me one day to operating creating a place where it is all done.  From the physical to the mental, asanas, to meditation and maybe levitation, get everything to happen over one roof!!
And the person I was being supervised by said that I looked like Deepika Padukone.. hehee ;-) now that is funny but makes me want to get super reed thin now and super fast as well. … listening to karthik calling karthik calling as I type this.
Feel  a sense of competition with my roommate already. On the weight loss game
Shall write a more inspired blog soon! For now this trivia is what I got