Saturday, February 6, 2010

Grrrrrrrrrrrr grrrrrrrrrrr grrrrrrrrrr

Its Saturday night and I am seeing Freaking TV! My like sucks, of all people I could only complain to MOM ;-( Think am the queen of pathetic, and that too am seeing the Karan Johar and the SRK preach about My name is Khan.. lord!

This getting fit business is a social life killer. You dont want to go out because u are not supposed to drink, the dinner is to be an amalgamation of leaves with variations of vinegar and oil, and there are very few people who want anything to do with that.

GAWD will something give in this silly life of mine.

Am still to get done with the MBA process, so have loads of work that is yet to be attacked, am experimenting with freelance work for the first time, which is a bit of a double edged sword, love the do what you want all day, hate the being at home all day.

highlights of the sorry last day

After puffing it out in the gym, the buggers gave me a buy one get one free coffee offer. What a laddoo gym. So trooped to the nicest Barista in the city, where (i) they did not accept the coupon (ii) they did not have a plug point and (iii) i was the only one sitting alone ... grr grr grr grr but did get free wifi

The mobile phone guy! The BASTARD!!! thought he was this nice nice guy, who genuinely wanted to return the phone, but INSTEAD he drove the bill up to Rs. 55000!!!!! The entire night he made international calls costing Rs. 45/minute!WTF... i still am trying to believe in the inherent goodness of men

Got dragged into one more couple spat.. YUCK

Looked gorgeous, as I met Male Monica at TGIF. ;-) ;-)

Am sure the pup was a sadhu in his past life, she seems to be loving SALAD! never seen a dog that eats salad.

But never mind all those miniscule thing, The bottom line is that I am restless and bored. Want something to change. Want NEW. a Kick, There are a bunch of people that I could call, but dont feel like it. No same old same old. or at least let it be a same old, new person. or same person, new place, something new,, shall die of stagnation at this rate.. can feel the noose closing in now........arrrgghhh

think being a female sucks