Thursday, February 4, 2010

25 Random things about me

·         In class 5, the only thing that i wanted was a squeezy water bottle that i could freeze at night, a pop up pencil box and a backpack for going to school. Pretended that not having them made me cooler
·         Daddy told me he took 3 months to learn how to cycle, and taking time is perfectly fine. I took aeons to learn how to balance on a cycle. Told everyone its a genetic flaw. Later learnt daddy knew how to cycle in minutes. love daddy
·         Brotherand me wanted a dog called Sooty. he was going to be black with a wet nose. and be like scamper from famous 5. We got "chikki" instead. I am not complaining
·         Heros and Heroines, if they died during a movie they were dead. I never understood how they could come back to life and be dancing around trees again the next day... wisdom comes slowly
·         the best conversations are the ones not planned for. Remember Roon and me, at a random GK2 park, 8 pm at night, intense conversation about heartache over, 20 year old adults playing on a jungle gym and screaming "beam me up scotie" as we slid down jungle poles
·         I have brown eyes and black hair. few people know about the brown eyes bit
·         13 years old me- Playing catch and catch in a park, Roopak - (the first mallu man i knew, many more came and went) banged our heads. A bump the size of a cricket ball appeared on my forehead. I cried looking at myself in the mirror convinced no one would marry me. Some fears tend to remain ....
·         If you sit on the dome in deer park one can see a lot of parrots, preetika and me have counted them. Sunrises look very nice from the top of domes in jahapana forest
·         To date, i pray when a train i am is crossing a river. Rekha and her scarred face from Khoon Bhari Maang flash before my eyes.Well someone told me i just got my movies mixed up! Bloody hell.
·         My mother is the best. Full Stop. 
·         Bloody is an abuse. It does not mean that I am full of blood. Hence writing "bloody brother" in my autograph book as a child was not nice, Mr.
·         I loove bubble making machines, rainy days, candy floss, snuggling and falling asleep, bonfires, watching puppies play, a walk, jumping for the sheer joy of it, abhik saying goo gee baba, laughing and merry go rounds and kissing.....
·         secretly i like soft toys
·         Relationships are the best teachers. Nagu taught me more than any school put together…. ever could and would.
·         A breezy afternoon, dripping ice cream cones, a beach, my 3 year old son, my dog and “oddilicous hot me the mom” plonked on our bellies watching ants at work. Waiting for the dad in the SUV to come pick us up. Stuff my dreams are made of. Yes am very progressive
·         I have the sole copyright over “nandu the turtle”, the Australian house, the south Indian swing, the balcony with the candles set in Victorian jars, the bar and the sea, the yoga room and the masters degree 
·         Official lifelong rights to SLAP me has been awarded to Mimi and Mahesh, I sulk but I listen
·         Nomita makes the best pancakes, and lives in a doll house. and Ritvik has the biggest mirror a man ever owned.
·         Chalk fights, water fights and pillow fights are not fights. A TRUE fight is when we can smash plates. I HAVE NEVER EVER SMASHED a plate. Nor has Anjali. We plan to buy cheap plates, head to the beach and Smash plates. Disha thinks we are mad
·         The theory that the SEA throws back whatever what it gobbles on the beach is FALSE. We tried it. Sat for 3 hours waiting for our room key to be returned. Positive thinking took us back there in the morning as well. Still never got the key
·         I sucked my thumb till i was almost 12. There I said it. It does not sound that bad now.
Have you ever done the throw yourself on a crowd, like the rock stars do and let hands carry to the end. think thats super cool. am sure will be dropped .. paaachaak! but still worth a try
Going to yoga school was the best one month of life. Met a few soul mates there. It exists
Hate horror flicks. And gore. Even Rambo 5 was seen through the slits of my fingers
BEST Line - Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.