Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sweet and Sincere


It’s barely 9 pm, have already slept for a 2 hours in the evening and can crawl back into bed immediately. Feels like the middle of Delhi winter, but it’s hot and blazingly so here. Somebody stop me.

Met two interesting sets of people yesterday and today. The earnest, idealistic people who work and dedicate themselves for achieving a mission. One of them had taken on the onus of assisting underprivileged children, getting them to believe in themselves.

The other were a bunch of un assuming men, working in the tech space, with massive projects, the fuel was however not to make money,  but use the technology to do good.

 But what gets me is how sincere these guys are. How do they work like that? like really? One set of them started getting a higher pay as they were the directors, and they refused it?

Don’t they feel the desire for Prada? A holiday in Goa? some surplus indulgences something that is just not deep?

Am never sure how to react to either very sweet people .. Read as, please come over some time, was such a pleasure to meet you, etc and you can see that they are super genuine and the REALLY sincere kind, where every act no matter how tiny is laden with meaning.

Assume that there is something more to it than what meets the eye.

Started the free lance life as well. Am a classic example of someone who finds the grass greener on the other side.

While I love the freedom and the flexibility of the freelancer, it can be a lonely life. Miss colleagues, bitching coffee sessions, impromptu lunches and a gang to be with. As i look around my friends, in almost any city, as you hit the late 20's on a weekly basis it is these colleagues that seem to be the hang out friends.

miss retreats, office parties and the rest, but think it makes more sense to miss those than have to wear a  button down shirt, with a swipe card, draw time sheets and be accountable for a million things

Time sheets vs business class flights!
Damm can never be earnest and sincere