Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Revenge.. Yuck


I love the concept of revenge, the notion of it is fascinating. 

The idea of someone firstly getting super duper impacted  by someone else’s action, to actually work themselves into a frenzy, scheme and plot, execute the plot and then raise a toast to someone elses misery, is fascinating.  With my attention span, I loose interest in stage 1.

Or actually, that is not true, I am so lazy that I believe that they shall be served Karmic justice, so it’s perfectly ok to let it slide. Tough to attain a balancing act between being a doormat and a rights advocate.

Or at a deeper level, there is little that seems to ignite that intense an anger that makes me want to screw someone over.  Usually shrug my shoulders, cry a bit, wallow in a healthy doze of why me, then talk to the universe and am back to being happy again.

Where is this stemming from? Spoke to Mr. X today, he was disgusted at something that an ex had done. Considered it a breach of his trust, consumed by anger, he was agitated and knew exactly what he wanted to do ………… cause long term damage to the people involved.

I heard him out, and wondered why I never seem to get that consumed, by anything. Being a spectator to your own life sucks!

hmm, while I suck at plotting revenge, some of my friends have a natural flair. They are creative and superbly straight faced while making a bakra of someone.

The top honours, goes to the gutsiest women I know. Dumped by an ex. She went to his hostel, and put up a HUGE Banner, stating in no polite terms exactly what a jack ass he was, along with pictures of the not so Facebook kinds. Bribed the guards into ensuring it stayed for a week, and effectively destroyed his love life.

Love petty spiteful pranks, where you make a total bakra out of someone!

M is the king of pranks he is supremely gifted in being a harami. Most of the incidents are his.
  • Ø  So this one time, in school, M and his class got a sex bomb of a teacher, each time the teacher turned her back to the Black board, one person would silently raise his hands and count in the air, 1… 2…. 3 , on the stroke of 3 the entire class would emit a looow orgasmic mooaan.. everyday!
  • Ø  They threw cherry pips on the teachers. One went down her blouse, BINGO!
  • Ø  We convinced our pal Jungle 82, that the reason all politicians and actors displayed their hands so much during speechs and movies was because, it was a sub conscious singal to the women, as it related to size of their manliness. So convincing were we, that the remainder of the week, he palm spoke to everyone ;0
  • Ø  Best was him peeing in the pepsi glass of his senior. Senior ragged him into making him Ramu, the pepsi carrier. Carry the pepsi he did, but just gave it a personal touch!

Damm I love pranks. The harmless or the not so harmless kinds, needs immense planning for a good one to be pulled off.. M shall we think of something grand soon?