Friday, February 26, 2010


There are somethings in life that are worth quitting but takes immense will power and tremendous hard work. The top things to quit on my list have been sadly very constant. To making a commitment to changing that. Not trying, not in the process, not sort of lowered it down but cut it out. Simple as that. Some are easier than the others, but all are pathetic traits to carry around. 

So my list be becoming Miss Virginal Mary is 
v  Topping the list – Cigarettes
We all know the health impact that these create.  Hell it is on the pack now, as a reminder. So took to buying singles to escape the picture.. OSTRICH BEHAVIOUR ;-( But more than the generic stuff here is why I should quit. Going to be sappy (advance warning).

My dad smoked, still does, a lot. In fact I bum his smokes when I go home. As a kid, there were only 2 things that I was adamant that the man I finally land up be with, a non smoker and a traveler. Used to hate the smoke, the addiction and was the only one at home that could get away with trashing my dads ciggies, hiding the packs, breaking them as they were to be lit. To that innocent child that was me, I owe the onus of not smoking. Each time I light up. I can see the little me nod her head in immense disapproval.

Besides I need to get hot and toned, by May. That is right here. Current stamina on the tread mill is not going to get me there till May 2011. So I better stop !!!!

New Rules then
o    The house and car are smoke free
o    Friends DO NOT light up near me or offer me a smoke.
o    Don’t invite me for drinks, as that is the weakest moment
o    21 days and think the addiction shall be over!!!!!!!

v  Blindly Trusting the World

This is tougher than cigarettes. I am blonde. Trust and confess my life to people, that I may on the bus stop. But then again some of the better memories have been from these moments
As a result have done these
o    Driven 10km in peak traffic in the wrong direction, to a random man on the road, because it was raining in Delhi, was 8pm and he would not get transport
o    Told the LSR interview lady, that I was really not into journalism, but can I please get the course?
o    You are nice. Come over for dinner. – Lines meaningfully uttered 5 min after meeting someone new
o    Went for a movie, with someone met on the Mumbai local
o    Shared a room, on a 3 day trip with Jungle 82, after one short coffee
o    Share my house, with someone I met online, after meeting her for 10 minutes

So have been in trouble and have been blessed but usually get more good than not by trusting. What to do?

v  Being a blabber mouth

Tell me a secret you want to share. Otherwise do not tell me. I accept I have a big mouth and foot in mouth disease. So don’t share things with me that you are very very very guarded about. Am working on it. Have become better but nowhere close to some ppl I know.

Other as critical ones are:
v  Body Fat and Dancing Queasiness
v  Believing everyone else is having more fun. Even if they are only watching TV
v  Self Pity
v  Procrastination
v  Not using Spell Check
v  Having a limited attention Span- its border line retarded
v  Listening without having 4 parallel conversations in my head.

All right, am sure that there are a lot more that you can add on. So go ahead mail me, comment or call to let me know what else I need to drop.