Monday, September 11, 2006

Missing Ami

I know that you are buzy,
I know u hate the comp
i know u dont like being tied down
and I know there's stuff to be done

I know that u think of me..........
when somthing bizzarre it is u see
but send a line once in a while
so the world from ur eyes i see

there was no poem in my mind..
nor a crib nor accusation to make
just wanted to write to someone
who just like that became my mate

French life must be nice
coz i havnt heard from u since
but can so easily picture u the camp
singing to the daffodills
packing the backpack in a haste
wondering where the little silk pouch went
u had it here a minute ago
damm the bugger must've fallen off the bed

Where are you headed next?
Do u know? or once again
prefer to let life simply flow....
let events and people be drawn to you
some wanted, some old and lots new

I miss the times we spent
on the beach, in the rain
laughing and crying
for reasons often unknown
just expressing , living and dreaming unknown

Was it a month or a lot more than that?
Seems longer
deep scars were exposed,
secrets shared
musings exchanged
and wisdom .. gathered on dorm stairs

well, dear freind hope u r fine
when free and unhindered
do drop in a line

Saturday, September 9, 2006

Lawyer tales

It's Saturday evening, seven a clock
4 people sit around a table
heavily engrossed
Brows are all knotted and fingers dance
they squabble and squablle and then .... go hush
voices are raised again and suddenly become dim
as they huddle together and proceed to skim
through pages and pages
of laws and rules
making sense of conflicting views

The question is tricky
complex and intense
on stake are millions
of a person who wants to invest
to form a fund, to start a bank.......
how to do that??
he just doesnt understand
lost and hopless
he does what he knows best
Shoots of an email, with a SIMPLE request!!

Lawyer Lawyer, help me dude
tell me what the fuck I am to do
Ill give you money and some time
Lets meet honey,
Whats a convinient time??

Lawyers are stumped, dont know what to do
totally clueless ...they have no expertise
saying NO is not an option
a client is to be milked
whatever the email caption

fucking shit what a mess
This may be BIG
lots of dough...
on sec
thats right LOTS OF DOUGH
saying no to money.. No, NO!!
that is sacrilage, just not done
We are lawyers, we are Certified scum

Confusion solved, priorities set
the client Will be milked
fuck the rest
Clarity got, action plan is set
Line up the juniors
oooooooooooohhh .......this shall be fun
we will watch them squirm
and scratch their heads
as they figure out this intricate web

its a sad tale. not fun at all
for u see, i am the junior
On saturday at 9 a clock
not wanting to work
and so i blog

how will this end
i dont know
just hope sometime today
i get to go home

to watch tv and talk on the phone
not worry about money and complex inflows
dream of a hammock, a sunset, a beach
swaying plams adding to the melody
Wake UP!! get a grip
find out about the broker shit

with a heavy heart and tired eyes
open the books, read more rules

what a life, deviod of joy
how do they do it for coutnless years?
read, haggle, type and print
make time sheets, and watch ur life
reduced to tabs on excel sheets
recording ur various deeds
days long and short
thats ur contribution to the world
Your TIME Record.

I want out
will get there too
till then
i stand aloof
observe and cynically smile.
watching the lawyers
play their game
whats the prize??
i havnt a clue

Got to run,
make a note
catch u later
in a happier mood.
till then cheers
it will change the mood