Monday, September 11, 2006

Missing Ami

I know that you are buzy,
I know u hate the comp
i know u dont like being tied down
and I know there's stuff to be done

I know that u think of me..........
when somthing bizzarre it is u see
but send a line once in a while
so the world from ur eyes i see

there was no poem in my mind..
nor a crib nor accusation to make
just wanted to write to someone
who just like that became my mate

French life must be nice
coz i havnt heard from u since
but can so easily picture u the camp
singing to the daffodills
packing the backpack in a haste
wondering where the little silk pouch went
u had it here a minute ago
damm the bugger must've fallen off the bed

Where are you headed next?
Do u know? or once again
prefer to let life simply flow....
let events and people be drawn to you
some wanted, some old and lots new

I miss the times we spent
on the beach, in the rain
laughing and crying
for reasons often unknown
just expressing , living and dreaming unknown

Was it a month or a lot more than that?
Seems longer
deep scars were exposed,
secrets shared
musings exchanged
and wisdom .. gathered on dorm stairs

well, dear freind hope u r fine
when free and unhindered
do drop in a line