Thursday, January 28, 2010

Puppy Love

Puppy love
Its 1 am, snuggled in my blanket, I watch her sleep. Resting against my chest, her rhythmic soft breath warms my neck.  Eyes closed, her snug body is so tiny in my palms. Cant stop touching her, holding her, gazing at her. And yet, know what I am feeling is not about her at all…. She fidgets, stretches, with her eyes closed, scrounges for a warmer spot, sighs and enters her dream world; again. 

My phone rings, I take the call and all I can utter, over and over again is.. …. I want a baby, now.. I do.
“her” is not a lover, nor is it a baby. It’s the newest guest entry to my apartment, a chottu mottu puppy.  
Out of nowhere, she lurched in front of ND’s (my roommates) bike late last night, and from there has proceeded to completely rule every waking moment of my life.  Sure they are cute, cuddly etc etc but one forgets the PH.D’s they have in emotional blackmailing, stubbornness and the perfection in the “What me? Never !!!” look

She is the master of the house. No questions asked. The new rules are

  •         The bed is hers, and is the blanket. Sleeping conditions include hugging the person on the bed, if denied whine, bite, gnaw and last resort stomp over the person as a airplane tarmac, till they relent
  •         Must meet sun at 5.30 am. To wake person, walk on chest, find warm spot on neck and proceed to nibble. If flung off the bed, be patient and persistent, repeat the walk and now BITE the chin
  •         Pee on the bed, or a bright rug. Floors are not meant for such deeds.
  •          When left alone – WHINE LOUDLY, it always gets you what you want.

And remember the only reason you can get away with all of the above, is because you know that you are darn cute! So one of those.. I am sorry looks, is enough to be petted and tucked back into bed.
……… The silly little thing has me wrapped around her fingers. Feel all mushy around her, and much as I crib, love being woken up by a furry ball in the morning, or have something tiny beside me as I sleep at night.. hate to admit it but when she suckles my finger in desperation my heart only goes… aaawww ;-)

As my mother would say, the clock is ticking ……. Tick tock.. .YUCK! Babies No Way! Freedom killers, chain of life, cant travel cant do this or that………the list is endless, this is what everyone gets to hear. But in my heart of hearts, I know, between a kick ass career or a little baby sleeping on me, will choose the latter. Damn u womenhood!