Friday, January 29, 2010

Simply Complex

I hate all customer care centers. They manage to make my Blood Pressure rise in nano seconds and i find myself yelling for the manager each time. Think they train the managers to have smooth, "talk to me, I am Santa" kind of voices, because I am automatically politer when they come online. And No its not a gender thing. 

DEFINITELY Not the best start to the day. May the debit card be recovered, dispatched, couriered and received in one piece. Shall be a miracle if that happens. ;-) Of the fact that i am no longer working at that office is a minor matter

Saw New York New York yesterday night, not a patch on Paris, je t'aime,  but managed to capture the intimate moments of several relationships. Love, lust, longing, long term, strangers, painters muse, parents, first dates as teenagers, relationships in all its forms got covered.

Weirdly, since Dec'09 I got to see the underbelly and the fluff of relationships up close. 

On one hand 2 people decided to marry within hours of meeting each other, and are overjoyed with the decision. They are in love and having made a commitment, the acceptance levels are sky high.

Two close friends, after half a decade of "discovering the other, are finding it tough to have a conversation, without drawing out the samurai swords. The issue may be several but at the core, is a reluctance to accept that the other person has changed. 

A close pal got married, to an old sweetheart. She dotes on him and shall always treat him like the "man of the house" ......... he settled for contentment over adventure, saw long term potential over the short term thrill. Seems to be ok for now.. rest we dont know.

An elder man, a younger women. She looking for anchorage, he looking for someone to be there for, a year and more of time spent, and fights galore.. Another acquaintance, totally happy and in love with a girl, but cant seem to be attracted, someone else has washed her hands of an abusive husband, while another confident very "with it"  women, breaks down while dealing with the baggage of her bf having a child with someone else. 

These are real people. real relationships. Makes me think that Balaji telefilms are not that off the mark after all with their seemingly over the top dhamakdar serials. 

In all these relationships what stands out, is the absence of real conversations. There is so many layers of mistrust, mis communication, both parties dont want to hurt each other, yet the same exact event is interpreted to make a different story for each.

One couple went for a vacation. The man returned to state he had the time of his life, best vacation ever, the women, same trip, same moments, called the trip a NIGHTMARE. dying a slow executioners death is what she said, how does this even happen. 

Someone remarked recently. You know, the one thing that noone prepared me for is that people change. Over time, the entire set up of a relationship changes, yet the fairytale romances, the stories fed to you in movies dont show that.. Mills and Boons, the karan Johar insist of grey characters, but what happens when there is no villan, just the inner self wanting different things?

No real point to this post. Those who are not in a relationship, want to be in one. Miss the intimacy the sharing of it. Those who are in one, manage to develop a complex vocabulary to shun out each other, creating drama of simple things like turning on the TV.

We cant do without it, dont know what to do with it.

Think puppies are way easier to handle ;-)