Thursday, January 28, 2010

Julie and Julia

One of the last movies that I saw in 2009 was Julie and Julia.

Its a simple story of how this women, Julie (i think) is content but restless in her drab NYC life and so decides to go on a one year mission. The mission is to cook some 370 odd recipes, one every single day come what may, for a period of one year. Proves to be tougher than she expected, what with buying the fancy ingredients, the time consuming non maggi cooking, the man, job, everyday issues ...etc. Yet she goes on and vala! one year later she is (i) a french cook (ii) a top 10 blogger and (iii) self empowered.. ok made the last one up..

So..I have decided to go on a J&J mission myself. Yes yes, am a copy cat.... but with a difference.. Am lazy.

My mission is that starting today 28th January, 2010. I am going to post one blog entry every single day. The idea is to notice, ponder, mull and have something to want to remember daily. As the year goes by and you look back there will be a journey of moments, silliness and anger all there to see.

Very self obsessive I guess. But hey so was the movie. She did the cooking for herself, not to please the husband and cater to his tastes, He only came in handy to kill the lobster once.

Excellent. So a pledge to me, once a day for a year. Who knows next year this time, which country, city or place I shall be blogging from....

Let the journey begin......