Saturday, January 30, 2010


Inertia has a new name, its called me. Have spent 2 no make that 3 days sitting on the bed, playing with the pup and seeing back to back movies, season after season of how i met your mother, and writing gibberish. For a restless hyper active person like me, this behavior is akin to being buried alive. To make matters worse, am refusing calls and not even meeting people. GAWD!! I am growing old and can see creepy blue green fungus growing from my toes nails.

The hottest topic of the day is puppy names. The intellectualia in my room has these suggestions: Palak, Tokri, St Mary, Queen Mary, Tamatar Singh, Laila, Virgin Mary, droopy, olive oil aka poppy, Rocketie, Garflied, alloo bhallo, mia, tia, cleo, cheeni, kaddu, queen victoria also know as viki puttar, mumtaz mahal aka mummy, matki and other atrocious names.

We have agreed to names for the to be got turtles. One is going to be called blue and the other tooth.

Getting on with the post. The intertia laden me, finally managed to peel myself away from the laptop, and went to a lovely place for dinner. Greek ambiance, roof top seating, candles, wind streaming through. Huge quantities of food and aimless conversations about past moments that drifted into an impromptu singing session.

But through this all there was me, there but not there. These were old friends, just having some of them together at the same table should be enough to make one happy. However something has been missing.. over the past week something in the belly has been going " Whee.. Whee.. Whee.. Whee"

Has there ever been a zone in your life, when everything around you is completely fine. You too are fine. Yet all you can seem to think about is that you are done. You love the people that you meet, but there is no new tale to share, no new conversation to make, you know each of their actions and reactions. The city becomes known, and the mystery that surrounded the city unveils it self as prejudices and set behaviours.

You know you have definitely extended your stay if there is no place to even travel to. Every tiny weekend place has been done.

Bottom line, its time to move. To thank the city, the people, the memories and move on to something else. For the past few months have been feeling like the "kuan ka maindak or the frog in the well". A frog that has loved and lived in the well, has been trying to leap frog out, is getting close with each leap but the spill over is yet to happen!!!

ARRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHH Someone slap me!! it sounds so whiny even as i type it...

I am def undergoing the PMS stage, need my mojo back soon...

new names.. btw, Cow, sheep, monkey, aligator, jolie, julie, shawn the sheep, pataki, papri, Gul Panag, Madonna. baba sehgal mein bhi madona, Jazzi Jassi, Jassi by the bay, machli. ello menno

Need to be rescued from brain assault