Friday, January 29, 2010

Male feminism

In 1973, women were granted the right to have abortions and choose to abort or carry a baby to term. One of the most fundamental legislations to be passed.

The focus however, was always on the women, and her right to choose. To keep, or not to keep. More often than not the man and his choices were deemed irrelevant. She retained the trump card.

But is it really fair?

Just this week, someone narrated a story, where a chance encounter lead to the women getting pregnant. She choose to keep the baby while permitting the man to not be involved in the process. There were no strings attached, no emotional blackmail, no force to be together for the sake of the baby etc etc.

The man did not want the child. Had never made any noise otherwise. Was clear and consistent in expressing the same. YET, he is now a father. A Father/son relationship; a life long bond has been created, that he must honour without his choice.

When this same man, saw the baby something within him shifted. He felt tender, warm, responsible. He felt like a father. End result, it demolished the existing relationships he had.

As a women cant seem to find an answer to this question? Is is FAIR that the choice to keep the child be only the womens? Even if she wants to be a single mother?

The man is doomed either way. If he walks away, he shall be labelled a jerk. Even though he has not betrayed her in any manner. If he stays, he may grow to resent being trapped, and eventually act like a Jerk

But then again is waiting for a mutual consent utopian? Or in a male dominated world maybe women should get to keep atleast this one trump card? What do you think??