Friday, January 29, 2010

Movie list

Am going to list and add on to this list the movies seen this year.
Till now
  1. New York New York I love you
  2. 2 days in Paris
  3. How to win friends and alienate people
  4. Hope Springs
  5. Titli
  6. A guju movie, name not known
  7. Samskara
  8. Rocket Singh
  9. Anuranjan
The intertia weekend that was the best way to end January. Yes am very jobless ;-)
10.   Ishqia
11.   12 Angry Men
12.   Antaheen (Bengali movie with Rahul bose, Aparna Sen, Mrs Tagore, and such a simple tale. must watch)
13.    Chalo, Lets Go. (Another Bong movie, this is a must SKIP@#%#%)
14.    Frozen. (Danny of old fame in a black and white screenplay that makes you hold your breath)
15.    Thomas Crown Affair, rewatched it. remembered fav song- windmill of ur mind
16.    Revolutionary Road - bye bye dream of being a house wife
17.    Knocked up, like the OST of this one. and how huge do pregnant women get?