Sunday, January 31, 2010

Puppies Day out

Today was a BIG DAY! A huge social experiment was to be undertaken, woke up all enthused, evidenced by the fact that me, puppy (still unnamed, rooting for it being called Machku Singh alias Gul Panag), and my rock of Gibralter friend, henceforth called Male Monica, were off on a Mission, that could rock the way we viewed the Animal Kingdom.

Oh before I proceed, I must tell digress for a bit. So Male Monica, is a character beyond comparison. The world knows him as the "oh so cool, sworn to being a Bachelor for ever" man, nothing ruffles him, he is one of those......... relax mate, there is nothing that a solid drink or 2 cannot solve ;-).

So Male Monica (MM) (Note to self- must stop using brackets, this is such a legal addiction and so not conducive to reading) comes home to see puppy. One look and he is smitten. Spends the entire evening looking at her eyes, holding her and teaching her the art of sleeping on his belly.

Was super cute seeing MANLY MAN, reduced to mush by a 3 inch tall ball of fur, who was forgiven a zillion bites, by just one gazeful aww look... heheheheheheeheeheeee Men are so easy!

Coming back to Animal Kingdom Mission!

A devious experiment was on. MM, Me and Puppy Singh, at 11 am were Bathed, Armed and Prepared.

Mission - Introduce 3 inch pup to 2.5 inch hyper active kitten. (names withheld for  privacy reasons)
 @!%@#%$#^^$ my entire blog post got wiped out. and have to retype! @!%#%^%

The experiment got off to an awful start. Ineberiated with milk, Puppy Singh, did not take well to the wind on the face feel that cars tend to provide. Looking nothing like the jovial Pedigree dogs, you see in ads, she whimpered on my lap and restlessly moved on her seat, before proceeding to spray me, the seat belt, the steering wheel and even the wind shield with semi solid bits of bread and well digested Milk..

Notwithstanding the runiation of my brand new white shirt ruined, puppy singh sank on the car floor and slept for the remainder of the drive. Needless to say, by the time the battle ground was reached, she was groggy, muttering at the stupidity of humans, reached kitties house, ignored the world and went into one of her infamous coma induced sleep modes. Come to think of it, she does behave a lot like a grouchy old lady.

The Kitty Kat however was definately a more intutive animal. She sensed that today was no ordinary day and she rose at the stroke of dawn, sharpened her claws, deftly moved to the vegetable tray and choose the heftiest onions and potatoes. Working quietly, to get past customs (read as miss owner) she rolled each of the 5 onions and 4 potatoes, into her room. Meditated for 5 minutes and rehearsed her Kung Fu moves. Using only and only her inner strength, sharp teeth and claws, the onions were shredded and scattered over the room. Kitty Kat was ready for battle. Purring contendlty she waited, patienly for her turn to come.

The battle hour had come. Stupefid puppy was shaken awake. She struggled to make sense of her new surroundings and sniffed at all corners. Kitty Kat was on home turf, warmed up, practicsed and confident. She marched down the hall. Purring, Striding the stride of the crowned queen.

The distance shortened. The meows got louder. Even the oblovious pup, cocked a year and paused her stumbling. Kitty drew closer, eyes narrowed, claws out. They sniffed the air, inching yet closer.We stood still. Tense with anticipation. With suspense, Waiting to scoop up our respective wards..

Less than 3 inches apart, the Pup gazed at the Kitty. They sized each other up.. cold strong looks. Silence was heavy, till........... Puppy sneezed, Kittie got shocked, tucked tail and ran helter skelter to her room. Puppy shook her head, sunk back to her sheet and slept off.

We laughed as we waited for the impending round 2. Mortified kitty slunk back to her room, shut the door and gave way to her fury. All we could see, was a puffed up ball of fur, springing from the wall, to the innocent onion sitting on the corner, the laughing humans were greeted with cold stares and hissing noises. Chastened, we let the Kung Fu master find her chi.

Round 2, Battle one

Kung Fu master Kittie Kat calmed down. The jingling bell was no longer heard. Everyone waited. Everyone but the Puppy Singh, who recovering from her coma sleep was looking for a rug to pee on.

Kitties room door opened a crack, using the wall as camoflauge, she stealitly moved inch by inch. The tigeress walk was perfected, arched back, tension in every cm of movement she quietly crossed the hallway. Ducked below the fridge, cast one side way look at still fumbling puppy, snorted, she darted behind the bookshelf, peeped out, gauged the distance to the sofa, ran at top speed, dived, rolled, landed on all fours and before we knew it, sunk on her belly and inched to the battle position. Being?? Looking straight at the Opponent. Or rather the opponents peeing bottom ;-)

Perfect, kung Fu kitty was determined to have the last laugh. Beliving in the dignity of a fight, she waited for her puppy singh to finish peeing. Locked puppy singh in her stare, balanced herself onto her fours, snarled, puffed her tail and lauched herself in the air............. the exact same time that MM stretched out his hand, and she collided. Hahahaahaaahaaaa, Kung Fu fighting was never so entertaining!!!

Awwww so the experiment did give us some very interesting results. One that even at less than 2 months old the four leggged furry animals are well as different as cats and dogs. The cat could not care less if humans were around, they deserved a cursory hug in the morning nothing more, no baths, toilet training, walking nothing! Puppy Singh, needs constant attention, maid to clean up after, snuggles and cuddles, baths, walks the whole deal.

The one thing that they both do manage to do, is get a fully MACHO Man to become mush ball. ;-) Even when puppy has the loosies,
Some images of battle ground.....