Thursday, July 7, 2011


I am in a happy mood, super happy. And the reason is that I have found a gorgeous plan for myself that works so well. 

After a long time there is a sense of excitement, that i can make this happen, that there is an end, that there is a newness possible. that it can be me, that it can happen, that its possible. oooh thats such a delicious word 'possible'  the land of possibilities.

Faraway Tree.

One of my favourite books of all time was a land of possibilities. As one climbed up the tree and went to the upper most branches where there was only lots of mist and clouds one waited to see the different lands that could come there. Some were good lands, where one could go ride on merry go rounds, eat candy that became so big in your mouth that it could make you fly and then there were miserable lands where the gobblins would eat you up and spit you out. or the land would commence tilting and throw one off their feet making you sick to the belly, wanting to puke your guts out...

the best part was the slippery slide that one took from Moon Faces room, you sat on a cushion and slid down the tree plopping out from the end of the chute to land on your ass. If you happened to forget the cushion, you  ended up having a very very sore and grazed ass.

Darn I am rambling again...
But in a way am not...

The Faraway tree was a book where anything could happen, pixies could wink themselves into unicorns and little children could be talking to owls. Growing up, I wanted my fairy god mother to come and wave her wand at me, to show me the little hole where i had to burrow into and enter the magical land of talking animals.. needless to say am still waiting for the hole to emerge

Last night, as I sat on friends terrace the tingliness of a new life began creeping in as a plan, as a possibility, as a probability.. there was a head rush of excitement that has me grinning from ear to ear. please god pretty please can we have some fun in life now, please pretty please??

as i sit in office on a thursday afternoon, i am mesmerized by the land of possiblities, it feels good, its possible

high five life