Wednesday, February 24, 2010

you are what u do

Cant stop giggling today and am not sure why. Maybe it is because I ran away from a cop, or the fact that someone near me seems to be seeing ghosts, for whatever reasons am finding the world a hilarious place today. 

Feel like reporting trivia today, so here goes.

For starters, am delighted to report that contrary to self and popular belief, am not a bunch of sour grapes. I can feel spontaneous delight at others delight. Though rare it may be as an emotion, at least it exists.

What exactly triggered off this new insight is a sweet love story. Shall not spare u the details, so here goes...

Main actress –PG

Who she? Someone I met in 2008 while doing a course.

We developed an instant connection that was nursed to life over many lemon teas, drunk at little dhabhas across Delhi, huddled against the rain. The conversations, like the cigarettes we smoked took a life of its own. All we did was sit back, and marvel at how similar our life stories were.

Anyway a thrilled PG, chuckled as she told me that she was off to Mumbai to meet the parents of this boy.  BOY?? WHO BOY?? Did you not just start dating? WTF?? This soon??

The boy in question is….. a photojournalist with a leading news and business information supplier. A MBA who choose different and is living a life of choice…  or as I termed it a fleeting gypsy who happened to be caught in the bylanes of Delhi.

I laughed when she shared this. For once someone’s new love did not make me scowl, instead grinned and the news. It gave me hope. In 4 months, she and he have managed to create a world, where the fleeting gypsies that they both are can be cocooned.

It let me believe that I too had a chance.

The weird thing was, that I have no clue who this guy is. ZILCH!! Yet the mere fact that he is a photo journalist and that too after discarding a MBA makes me like him already. Had she said the guy is an I banker, would have puked there n then.

This careerist(read as racist) bigot in me, was always lurking just never articulated it to myself in that many words.

My closest friends are all people who have chosen different lives, each have stories of not walking the straight and narrow.  I can yap for hours with someone who puts up Post its on walls of coffee shops as a art form, and can space out in front of a bunch of Sales executives. Its not them, its me. Have no idea what is it that they like conversing about.

Made me wonder, that little ad age, “you are what you do”…may have more depth to it than just a quote. It defines the world you live in, the kind of people you meet, the conversations that you have, what you would want to be prodded to read…The impact is so rampant and pervasive, if you don’t like what you do the jaws of frustration can be lethal.

Ouch, have gone on the verbal drone again!
Got to go for lunch with SB, who he? A super senior figure in Delhi circles, someone who started as a dog trainer and now trains corporate across the globe.. hehe got his foundations well set, he did.