Thursday, February 4, 2010

Is this you too?

Ted, the representative of the man next door character, in "How I Met Your Mother" made something called the Medor list. The list comprised, all the things, that at 30 he could/would not do.  He was just too old to be bothered

The stuff was;
  • Get his ear pierced
  •  Do an all nighter, drinking and getting to see the sunrise
  •  Sleep off on a friends futon, coz u are too cheap to get a hotel room
  •  Eat an entire pizza yourself in one sitting,
  •  Hoard your dirty washing to be done at moms
  •  Not see a doctor, nah u are way too fit to need one of those
  •  Drinking shots with strangers
  •  Do silly stupid work, because you have been promised beer n pizza
  •  Attend some all night rave, dye ur hair purple, or some other ugly shade, and groove to music u so don’t get
  •  Drink anything as long as it is got alcoholic content, White mischief? Kody Rum? Cobra beer?
You know u are old when
  •  You are one yelling at the neighbourhood kids
  •   Stop drinking because  your gym instructor said so
  •   See the calorie count before opening a pack of chips
  •   Live in between constant volcanic eruptions of existential angst
  •  Have not been counting down to your birthday, atleast 4 months in advance, and did not even cut a cake, forget about getting one in a fancy shape
  •  Often feel that conversation is futile, have investments and secretly eye that house down the block
  •   See kids in a new light, not pesky but cute!
  •   Where drinking during the week is not on, and much rather go somewhere u can hear ur self talk than groove to music
  •  And, you dont pass the cheque, but actually reach for it……
  • You know u are old, with people around you on the dinner table say they were 3 years old when Quamant Se Qyamant released, and you swear u can remember the scene of Amir Khan jogging against the sun like it was yesterday
  •  Been a decade since school , have more than one visiting card, and you know what brand of OIL is sitting on your kitchen shelf
Well, for me am on the slippery slope where I am getting old. My hands automatically rise to my ear drums, when the music is too loud, rather be eating a one on one dinner, with an old friend, and suddenly have a lot of friends, I have known for over 5 years, than be in a Discotheque. Screw my nose at DJ nights, and cant think of the last time, I was totally sloshed. Sadly, don’t even want to be totally sloshed.

Life post 25 has subtly changed, for a lot of us … we view our lives, it seems weird that it is ours, It was not what we had imagined.

Have this distinct memory, was in class 5.  The morning of a math exam, yuck! Had to wake up early, leave the house at some nauseating hour of 6.45 in the morning and was muttering to myself.  Adults have it so easy, look at Dad, he is snoring as I have to face an exam. All he has to do is wake up and head to work, not like us kids.

I am going to be so cool when I am 28. Will be married, hot and sexy, super rich, have atleast 3 houses, a sports car, live in fancy locations and travel. The world shall be mine.

Am 28 now. Am sitting at home, waiting for the electricity to return to post this on the blog, find myself not so successful, single, owning a red tata car, part financed by the snoring dad, and nowhere close to super rich. But it is fine I guess, coz the 28 year old me believes that when I am 40 I shall be

married, hot and sexy, super rich, have atleast 3 houses, a sports car, live in fancy locations and travel.”

Guess somethings are better left unchanged!