Saturday, February 13, 2010


NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW. I want all this and more right now! cant wait any more. Sitting and seeing Iktara video and now i know that i am going to have all this in 2010. how? dunno, dont care

  • To live in Istanbul and holiday in greece, see new mexico and picnic in new zealand, drive down africa.
  • marry someone like the character of brosnan in thomas crown affair
  • fly a plane
  • smash plates
  • look the glam doll, while walking through a swimming pool, and lounge there
  • sit on the deck of a ship, stare at the stars with someone special by my side
  • do the flamenco and salsa
  • laugh laugh and laugh
  • have a baby
  • do one day of shooting sepia shots
  • be giggly school girlish again
  • fall in love and marry 
  • study, look like a geek while i scratch my head as i am fascinated by the Jung theory
  • late night coffee on the roof
  • friends pranks and nonsense
  • bike ride at 150km 
  • seduction and being seduced
  • be up all night dancing on the beach
  • Meet ppl in mumbai. now now now
  • a wonderful March, the application is going to go off superbly, off my chest the relief is going to be huge and I am going to give myself the best  month ever. SriLanka, Gymming, 1 trek, the new lens, couch surfing, starting yoga classes, the body getting hotter, the new office and closing deals all over the place. Loooooove and friends, heading to Mumbai all shall be happening in this Month. The turnaround month is here.
  • April- Getting the confirmation letter!!! Ye Ye, It shall be " we are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to the Jan 2011 session of Insead" ;-) the passport to leave shall arrive ;-) and that too at a time, when the work I do is immense, and loving it. A week has a mix of everything, travelling, research, writing, meetings, contract making, a intense yoga session, my first pottery vase, a mad dash of a trip with friends, getting into the best clothes ever, the photo experiments with the new lens. I enfuse energy and love! the wedding shall be nearer

  • I have all this and more, travel, national and international, fitness, lots of new friends, love and a relationship, a gang of friends, fulfilling work, creative expression, new furniture, new house, a mad feeling of euphoria. heady concoction of silliness, madness meeting Delicious Boy now.... meeting Jungle 82, being wafer thin... let all these things be a forgone conclusion now now now