Tuesday, February 23, 2010

boy man

She rolled down the window and gingerly stuck just the tips of her fingers out. They were drenched in seconds. She smiled. Enjoying the sensation of wetness on her fingertips, and getting ambitious she stuck her palm out, squeaking with pleasure as the rain nibbled on her palm, gleefully... 

Delighted at her little game, she rolled the window down further, and succumbed her wrist, her arm, her elbow to the merciless rain. Fingers dancing, she cupped her palms and let the rain collect there, before splashing it up and watching her own rain pattern being created. With wild dancing eyes, she stole a look at him. He was driving, staring at the road. Immune to her and her juvenile antics..
So typical of him, she thought, even on a gorgeous day like this with the rain finally breaking the spell of the long summer, all this man can think of is his office, deals and larger than life meals. Just look at him. Every single thing about him was “perfect, bloody perfect”

The casual Lactose T-shirt, was tucked into the Arrow shorts, carefully matched with the brown belt. The flawlessly white sneakers, pushed the accelerator down to a steady 100. Always a 100 never more, the blue tooth earring and the fingers tapping to his only car cd, while the eyes darted towards the Black berry, with rhythmic periodicy.

Grrrrrrrrr Grrrrrrrrrrr, yelled her insides. She wanted to dance, to get wet in the rain. Wished he would for once pull over, take the initiative in dragging her out and dancing to some super cheap Hindi music. Wished she could draw him in, and kiss him in the middle of the drenched road. Wished she could shake that silly man into living a little.

Never mind, for the now, she was making patterns in the rain ;0.. One, two, three, and throw… one, two, three and throw. She giggled at the game she and the rain were playing, and before she knew what she was doing, one, two and three.. And SPLASH!!

Shit she bit her tongue. What was wrong with her. She had splashed water all over the man, his hands free and the dreaded blackberry.

Eyes wide open with horror she watched the water drops trail down the shirt. The worse hit was the blue tooth. WET and how.

She could not meet his gaze. Instead, she withdrew her palms from the window and gently, like a lady placed them on her lap. The window rolled up, she sat and waited.

Phew………The polite patient condescending yelling was coming, right about now.

The car slowed down. Oh oh! Very bad sign

The indicator flicked on, the car ground to a halt. Fuck, she was so dead.

Silence, filled the car. Her hands still, her body still, she waited. The rain drummed on the windowsill, laughing merrily at her plight. She scowled at the rain, muttering how all this was his fault.

Oh come on, just say something and get it over with will you. She wanted to yell. Do Something. anything Say something. This disgusting game, of staring her down into submission was enough to make her see red……

She was getting angry. Angry at being made to feel sorry, Anger at having married this prick, anger at his silent scowl, anger at the rain, blinding mad anger. She wanted to slap him. HARD and feel the sting of it.
The silence dragged on, with each breath her nostrils flared even more. Past experiences had taught her, that he could sit like this still for minutes. The record was set at 21 minutes of silent treatment, before she had mumbled the appropriate words.

What was he a woman? Who has ever heard of the man giving the silent treatment? Fine then, two can play this game. Am so kicked, minus the silly hands free he shall finally have to enter into conversations. Yuck! Imagine talking to him.. oh no, his silence is better than his drab banter. Fuck, not another story about Mrs. Gupta, or his silly college drunken tale, where they stole the parking sign. If I hear that one more time, I shall take the closest parking board sign and slam it on his face……

Her mind chattered on. He sat and waited. Patient as always.


God someone do something. By now she was livid. She knew exactly what she wanted to do.

Without any warning, she slammed open the car door, leaped out into the pouring rain and stood there. Stood there in her white T shirt, and got wet. Stood there in front of the car and stared right back at him. Stood there, and collected raindrops in her palms. Stood there sang her favorite rain song.

Stood there and looked at him with defiance, with pride, with laughter.

She stood there and rejoiced with the rain. The rain delighted at getting the full attention of his playmate, jigged with even more enthusiasm. She danced and she stared at him. Daring him, changing the dynamics of the relationship with her every move………. Licking her wet lips, moving her wet hair, aware of what he was going through........

She stood there, and waited. Waited till the car door cracked open, watched the perfect white shoe get its first ever brown spot, as it landed bang in between a puddle. Her mouth swung open, and stayed there, as she saw Mr. Perfect, chuck the hands free into the fields. Her eyes followed his every action.

He slammed back the car door. Stood there, palms outstretched and felt the first rain drop on his face. Turned his face up to the sky, shook his head and smiled. Grinned from ear to ear, and he moved suddenly all manly towards her.

The shocked stunned mouth gaping her… who stood mute, as he approached her, softly, calmly and without saying a word, kissed her full on the mouth. Had she won or had she lost?

She did not know and for that moment, did not care. As she kissed back the boy, she had lost when he became a man.