Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Out of nowhere, I got a post card all the way from New Zealand today.

I loove post cards, they are the simplest things to mail. Dont even need stamps or an envelope. Yet the convey so much

A few hurriedly scribbled lines, lets me know that someone thought of me when they were in the middle of nowhere. The place the beauty, captures the instant thinking of a moment, the lines themselves, say so much and leave space for so much to be interpreted.

The whole act of someone buying one, sitting at a lonely spot, tilting the pen and pondering what to share with someone back home, hoping the scattered lines are enough, to let the her know she is missed, even if for a whee while, before the next adventure begins, taking the postcard and hunting for a letter box in an alien town, and sliding it in. Trusting that somehow, somewhere, the messenger service of all the nations, the air planes, all the intermediaries shall manage to get the little paper across...

and a few days later, out of nowhere, a little postcard makes someone smile!  

So the next time you travel. No matter where, even if its the silly waterfall, 2 hours from your house, drop me a postcard, Will be like a gleeful child when i get to see it