Wednesday, February 17, 2010


had forgotten how pleasurable a simple walk in  the park can be. Met Mr. Post It today, after almost 3 months. Mr. Post it and me met completely by chance at a coffee shop, where he was exhibiting his latest design, a 4 feet tall and large montage on the coffee shop wall and I was freaking out totally over a cover letter to be written to Accenture. 

A few chance meetings here and there, random conversations and a eccentric kind of friendship was made. 

Today for a change we walked. Ambled down alleys below the canopy of trees. Shared stories and laughed. He is off or possibly off for a on road trip between London and Mongolia. 6 weeks, 1 car, 4 people, countless visas and an experience. If there is one dream that I am not giving up on it is the idea to do such a free wheeling trip, sponsored by someone somewhere, with an end result in mind, a cross nation travel for the sake of travelling trip.

But walking again with a friend, was something i did after so long. Missed Jungle 82, he and I used to swing in the park where they dont permit you to enter unless you are below 5. Well tried to squat and crawl to the swings but it did not seem to do the trick!!!!! 

Mr. Post It is also a chick magnet, in a 3 hour walk, he bumped into someone he knew at the frequency of one women per half hour, and all interesting ones too.. For a unassuming quiet sort of man that is quite an achievement

Also had my first real freelance kind of a day. Started with a yoga class, to this rich rich man with the picture perfect house, but characterlessly empty. Followed by a fun brain storming session for all sorts of finance based stuff,. and ended with a long walk...

to prepare for the class tomm and sleep. The dog has gone mad, has been banished from the house, for the 3 night in a row. Wonder if I can do the same with my kids!