Sunday, February 14, 2010


I am going to call this the perfect day, valentine being irrelevant to the larger scheme of things. It is ending with me nibbling on a blue berry cheese cake, curling into a bean bag, with the just released book from my favourite author of all time, and have 6 more books to munch on.

Woke up to SMS and her yawny smiles at a lovely 9.30, mush music on MTV, watermelon juice, hot showers, breakfast in bed and a mid morning date with the Khan, Karan and Kajol combination. There shall be several other blogs, praising or blaming them for the movie that they made. But for me it was a tale that was simple and reasonably told. Was not weeping, and am a weeper, so guess could have been made warmer. but it was a movie that did not begin with a K, had no elaborate sets, punjabi doses, preachy emotional sit down and talk heart to hearts, lots of everyday moments to tell a tale, rather than preachy speeches, and did a much better job than New York!! the John Abharhim movie.

But with due aplogies to NK, the Times of India movie critic, what is was not is a patch on Forest Gump.. not even close. But SRK manages to do alternate things with his face, that make u go awww..and Kajol is mesmerizing, with and without eye makeup. Her exuberance does u in.

Saw Valentine Day, as well the night before. Total Chic-let, that i still manage to smile at.. so seeing Julia Roberts in a short role with her smile made it come true. heehe sound like a lesbian here now dont i?

Then came the favourite part of the day, went book shopping, bought 7 new books. and the to die for book that i am reading right now. shall blog extracts from it tomm, when i have had the luxury of sinking into it a bit more, browsed, smelled and bought lots of new authors, love books.. began reading there only. what a good trade for the gmat books me says

followed by a lazy lunch at 5, vodka thrown in, a almond mocha cake, drive home

and the prettiest white chrysanthamus, with the delicate blue ting at the end of the petals. so sublte n pretty, coffee, snuggling in with the book, conversations and reading aloud to male monica, while we attempt to roll out dosas.... that is what the day was.

the best part ... all this was spontaneous, unplanned and just happened. to some connections and days being that.

Puuurrrfect ;-)