Wednesday, June 30, 2010

tata june

June was the best month ever when i was a kid. It was the SUMMER HOLIDAY MONTH!!!

which meant days and days of reading, holidays, cousins, games being played till 3 am and then sleeping in, going for a swim, shopping, boating and all sorts of fancy dinners and treats that were just too cumbersome to squeeze into the year otherwise. 

the best used to be the train journey, in those days sometimes it would be in trains that were not the rajdhanis as the tickets were never available, and the regular sleeper was the mode of transport. .... ooh the thrill of jumping off the platforms, and dashing to see what all the vendors were selling, rushing back to the seats and waiting with eyes wide open in horror and the train began moving and you did not see dad sitting next to you.... the smile of relief when he did appear all seem like yesterday.... bottom line June was a month dedicated to the simple business of BEING

The not having summer holidays when u are working was the biggest downer! took me ages to get accepting of the idea but even then, the little child feels cheated and sulks in a corner when there has been no travel worth noting in the month of June and wants the adult to just get a kick and say.... "dude come on.. its summer"

heheehee.. yea yea .. i know...

well for once am glad to say bye bye june. Was a topsy turvy slow month. But the confusion has lead to some clarity and new avenues. Am feeling alive and purposeful. July u will be GREAT.. i know ;-)