Thursday, June 24, 2010

thinking for 2

There is a freedom and a limitation that relationships come with

on one hand they liberate you. You are done seeking, testing, wondering, looking and evaluating every encounter that you have with the ever ticking mental chatter that asks ... him? possible? or the anticipation that precedes every social outing, with a maybe today i shall meet someone ... who knows. Its a hum that is there when we are single and though it does not rule every minute about our life, it does surface and makes you "eager" for lack of a better word

so when you finally find someone, the liberation to be still and delve into exploring what that holds is a luxury. From the water spider darting in mini circles, one can become the semi-paralyzed crocodile.. alert, awake but appearing inert to the rest of the world.

and once the euphoria has died down or at least begun to simmer... there are life questions that begin looming. Decisions that were made by you, without a second thought are now deliberated and weighed on a balance of 2 peoples life goals and expectations.

Tough it can be. Easy it can be.
Depends on the will and the character and the intensity with which certain things are desired
2 intense ppl; 2 intense dreams and both with the will to execute.... hmm the journey becomes that much more of a challenge

Find it fascinating, the interplay of emotions, finances, love, culture that interweave into deciding how life choices are made!... too preachy shall shutup