Friday, June 18, 2010

Girlie day out

Yesterday the Girlie day out was perfection personified. Came home from a gorgeous drive to the airport, ate the idlis that are somehow soul food and arrived home with sincere desire to work. Except... i met L sitting on the couch with a book and a lit cigarette who moaned the fact that she did not seem to want to head to work and so ... we well sat

and spoke about.... hmmm surprise.. MEN!... there are such differences in upbringing that come to the surface from time to time that it makes me smile.. for example her parents permitted male visitors from a way younger age than mine would have dreamt of it and yet much is same the closeness to family, the ties those do not change that much at all .....

hmmm so report made and sent we drove the MONSTER CAR... to the Mall. There is something about a women driving a SUV- very sexy even if i say so myself. ... heheheee

Got in.... were surprised that mid day mid week tickets were as expensive as that and entered the hall to BLISS!! Recliner chairs, caramel pop corn and Sex and the City 2 .. Yes it is a shallow movie, very obvious, extremely american and all that but would die for three things

1.  To be as anorexic as Carrie Bradshaw
2   ability to walk with heels that size
3.  the walk in closet with those clothes tat actually fit

Anyway.. movie over, came home to make piping hot Khichdi, while L made delicious pumpkin soup.. what a combo till the domestic bliss of serenity was invaded by creatures that should never be seen... A HUGE FLYING COCKROACH === i realize i run the risk of sounding super stupid and Blonde - BUT

. i am relatively ok with cockroaches.. have one that comes and visits the kitchen - we have an agreement he does not come out in the morning and i dont kill him in the night.... so its all good. non violent peaceful co habitation and all that.

Dont like it when they decide to fly. Because then they can loop and soar and land on my head or arm or food or anywhere and i am resorted to bundling myself in a sheet and flinching at the slightest movement.. DEFINITELY not fun.

Seeing the devil.. i yelled and locked the room. L, the brave one corned the Flying thing and placed a bucket over it.. and that is where it stayed for the night.... while the soup and the meal were devoured to FIRE the movie.

Surprisingly had not seen it till now and really thought Deepa Mehta, had managed to invade the personal space of a regular indian delhi house and the subtle power play in a manner that was not contrived for a moment. The fact that FIRE raised a storm when it did...... was probably a reflection of how mismatched the women and man roles remain in the inner domains of huge portions of india..

Anyway.. house wife 2 is off to a good start.  Nailpolish is on the table and dinner menu ready to be printed!..hoping like hell this is just a phase!