Monday, June 14, 2010

in my pajamas

Its monday morning ... no afternoon actually and am sitting in my Pajamas with an ever increasing list of things to do on the diary that I am finding tough to keep ticking off. But below all this is a feeling of non budging rich contentment that is warm and glowing

So here is explaining the silence over the past few days....was in a workshop that involved a software company after years making a connect with their customers to understand what is it that they needed and wanted .. this simple excercise of connecting with the outside world proved to be path breaking for them. Was interesting to see the way how team members play the safe game between wanting to grow and yet run when the allocation of responsibilities comes to them..

the interesting thing of all this was the desire to reinstall myself as one within the corporate world and see what comes as a result of it. Shall give myself till the end of the year for this to happen..... but with awareness of an escape plan when one plays the game the desire set is different all together

unrelated but interesting

There was a guy called Carl Jung, who said that there is an definitive personality set that people have. One of these attributes was how they make decisions and tell people about it..

So there is a "F" personality- someone who wants to ensure that there is harmony at all times and a "T" personality, who belives in getting on with it without mincing words.  A colleague of mine is a clear F and the other a clear T.

hahaaaa causing much amusement. Dinner at the hotel was crap, lady from hotel came and asked us how it was... and B said.. it was very nice, thank u very much. (he is the F, not wanting to ruffle feathers) and S the other personality simply said.. it sucked, it was a rehash of lunch am sure u guys can do better.

These simple ways of observing the differences in human personalities at various times makes the work i do very fascinating. To deepdive into this world and find a place that lets me do this is the desire. Amen to that happening.