Monday, June 14, 2010


When is the last time that you planned a surprise for someone? Did something that they did not expect and watched with immense amusement as their faces lit up and eyes shined as they could not believe that this was actually happening...

On a spur, a casual conversation with a friend triggered off an idea and the weekend plan was set. Was dragging M to a surprise trip to a resort, a bachelors party that he thought he was not going to make it for and then a round on the super cool dirt track where the bikes permitted men to be boys

The joy of planning and seeing the boy eyes was worth it all.. ;-) ;-)

closed the weekend with a short dash to the art of living ashram. Being a sunday it was a Satsang day and Guruji's presence ensured the crowds where there in humengous numbers. As we walked through the enormity of devotion and worship that was in the air hit us. 

it made me question a few things. What does it take for a man to worship another man? when does respect end and following begin. I love the Kriya and truly believe that the AOL movement is doing wonders, i also believe that Guuji is a wise knowing soul, but call it ego or discretion something prevents me from bowing down and surrendering completely

yet i know, that when u find someone u think is ur guru. this reluctance dissolves in no time...... to getting that simple knowing sometime. ;-)