Saturday, June 5, 2010

moment of quiet

The blog has been getting more and more difficult to write in the past few days. Reason.- the one thing that is consuming me all the time, is something that I have decided to keep to me for the now and not write about.

As a result, every morning when i sit in front of this window. there is a hush, a pause and I wonder what is it in the past 24 hours that has captured my imagination enough for me to write about and make meaningful. and I smile. The images and memories that surface are the ones that I want to hold snuggled next to me and not discuss...

Enough of this melodrama, lets keep it simple. Let me just write about what happened yesterday..for starters started the day early a great move that lets so much more get done its shocking, realised that I am swamped with lots of little peices of work and then had a leisurely chat on the phone

Went to a clients office, a place that is trying hard to find a path to grow and solutions that keep everyone happy, i was happily getting them to think while not doing too much, boss came in and created a whole new solution that made everyones eyes google out.. love her and the structure she can get into situations.. 

yet the lessons of NGO world were the dedication and patience need to be coupled with risk taking. 

In the middle of all this M sent me a poem and i read it and re read it and then re read it some 500 times because it was the cutest darnest thing that i had ever read.. ;-) ;-) dropped a friend mid way, made a hurried plan to head to Bheemeshwari and ran to catch a play

Shabana Azmi and Alique Padmanese, a monologue and a hinglish creation. Had seen the hindi version which had me riveted. Dinner of stakes and shared jokes, late night wine and book discussions, with plans of vacations and togetherness being discussed... the days and nights are flowing like the flooded ganges, peaceful, strong with a promise of a larger occean to meet soon.