Thursday, June 17, 2010


I am loving the sllllllllloooooooooow pace of my life these days. am almost like a house wife in how i am spending my time and i know that is an appalling thing to say but i am liking it.. lord someone spank me..

for instance yesterday was about working, cooking lunch, a short nap.... a quick dash to the RTO and then some more work and then dinner sitting on a bike in a dress with heated conversation about the role that parents played in choosing education.

on one side of the fence was british man, a result of the very uppity london education and knighted parents, who was sent to boarding school... think of Dead Poet Society kind of a school where conformity, seniority and unfirmority were valued above individuality, curiousity and rationality.

on the other hand was person from Europe, with the free thinkers parents who even believed in experimenting with home school and hence crafting solutions which were in tune with the nature of the child.

2 diff sets of parents, 2 diff educations, 2 diff kids and the same result. The essential free thinking nature of both the kids survived to date, despite, inspite or aided by the education system. Both had had to have conversations with their parents, expressing their unhappiness and the misery that they faced as teenagers for not fitting in and expressed a wish about how maybe a diff approach may have worked

Neither doubted that the parents did what they thought was the best, or that there was any iota of not wanting the best for their children... yet both wanted to do things differently for their own kids

Poor parents, am convinced that no matter whatever a parent may do, however conventional or liberated they may there is always something they could have done that should have been different, better or more sensitive.
Parenting is a blackjack table that you cant leave and the losses and the gains compete in equal force keeping you riveted till you die

To my parents. I know you did the best, may or maynot have worked but the heart was in the right place.. and that is all that matters now..