Tuesday, June 15, 2010

shocked tremors

For a Monday morning, yesterday was turbulent in a quiet way. Started the day with mother dear on the line wanting to know what was on in life, how was i doing, what was keeping me buzy etc etc.. the sweet mother updates.

Now here are a few facts about me; I soon turn 29 and being Indian and a female this is causing immense anxiety amongst the parents regarding the marriage. Like all Indian parents the astrologers have been contacted and smooth sayings extracted.

So dear mom is convinced (and secretly) so am I that there is a wedding looming up soon in the horizon. Which begs the question to be answered ... but to whom and when.. This then becomes the crux of all conversations my mother wants to have.. Darling have you found someone? Is there anyone that you like?

Twist in the tale is this.. Me being me is particularly unfit for an arranged marriage. Forget being finicky the term being the "bahu" and listening to others ridiculous notions, or being docile and saying "may i go out now:" are just plain impossible.. So either i find someone or my parents remain worried....

Balancing the 2 evils of telling her i have someone and shocking her or not telling her and leaving her suspended in mid air was an interesting tight rope walk. In the end after a few months of mature behaviour; Blondie became well a Blondie and she spilled the beans..
Mom went into a mode i best describe as the above..........followed by and spent the rest of the day walking like a little Penguin.. holding herself close together... ;-)

To her credit it is a lot for her to deal with, have not given her a lot to work with and she has managed to take it in her stride. So far one parent down and one sibling cajoled. A few relatives in the know how and the rest of the family shall get the trickle down effect...

Net result on me.. Dunno yet. was a lot quieter than usual yesterday and yet dont have a clear reason why that was it.. time shall tell what is to happen for now.. working is a great idea!