Wednesday, June 23, 2010

drumming fingers

Am drumming fingers on the lap top and wondering what it is that i want to write about..

Well the round and round motions of the mind have gone into making me believe simple things that are lessons i wish i just got into my DNA

1.   Work will never ever be the one source of getting all joy

2.   Your happiness is related to making a decision and accepting it

3.   All the life buckets of joy - travel, personal, career and self shall never all be perfect. one shall be a high the other lower

4.   the moment when all the chinks shall fall into place shall come. You shall have to create it and it shall happen over time

5.   There is happiness on a daily level the quest is to find the balance between contentment and exploration

6.  Long bouts of no excercise is = feeling unhappy= resume a regular routine

Blondie mantras to life!