Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Am sitting in M's house, and its starting to feel more and more like home. Cant get over the relief that I am feeling at being back and being here in Bangalore again.

I loved the wedding and looked forward to it for a long long time, there was an eager anticipation for it for months, and every conversation was basis that. Now its over and in my view the happier moments start now. The getting to know the new person, having them around, the sinking in of the enormity of what has happened etc.

The days immediately following the wedding are the strangest. For the first time I was in the car that took the bride home, and the conversation was simple. Not earth shattering emotive... that is what I think I cant seem to digest, in my head the whole wedding/marriage etc etc is one of the largest hugest things that r to happen to a person

and yet when it does make an appearance it throws u off by behaving like any other day. the rest of the world twirls as it was and the world spins on..

Not making much sense of this post am i.. shall try again a bit later think am going to narrow it down to smaller sections .. of the wedding that made me giddy with joy n apprehensive to the core. to smaller more focused posts. and making up for the lost days of not writing