Friday, June 11, 2010

where am i gng?

I am sitting in a workshop and the winds of flux seem to be fluttering again. Change is such a constant in my life that no-change for a week seems like a change. Hmmmmmmmm. that is not the best statement to make specially when the change is not necessarily fun in what it brings.

So here is the reason for the silence for the past few days. The work role is changing again, making me relived and yet anxious.

Need to sort out my own head so am going to do it here.......

1.  What do i want to do? 

dont know. largely what i know remains generic. (i) work with pscyometric based analysis to create tangible learnings, on an international scale. or even more macro would be to be part of a team, to actually create success stories of some change/movement/sale something attained.

2.  everyday things i want to do

    have a routine, colleagues and an environment which is charged and comprises people who like the work
    travel internationally for work - projects, conferences, etc for atleast a year or 2
    have a success story i can call mine from inside. stop floating
    earn more than 1,25,000/mnth
    have clear deliverables. responsibility and know the impact i am making.- clarity and ability to do the work having fun

3. Things i have with me

law degree, understanding of team dynamics, sharp mind to sort data to create learnings. Self confidence and ability to faff and connect with people.

opportunity to work and gain corporate innovation consulting experience and deliver real projects in a team where i can self empower myself
Cons- remain a small fish in a small pond and can merely act as a diving board. the trick is in placing the board over the correct swimming pool.

Added to these dilemas, is the desire to relocate outside india. to marry this year, to live a life where my freedom is not crucified and u are allowed to balance work and private life. Believe that internationally this is easier to get, and that my scattered- history makes it easier for me get someone to trust me with a high profile position here than not

the past 6 mnths have taught me that i am not routine hating and need to leave the house, get an office, and work better with people around.. so maybe it is best to relook at how best to leverage the corporate consulting approach to get the above, till have some depth to become an entrepreneur...........

am not gng into the revulsion i feel for cororates, shall let myself believe that this is limited to non travelling day jobs and not the actual job itself.

Deeper than all this is the belief that the Pundit said July shall be the month of change n prosperity; am just keeping my faith and not stressing abt it.........having a stable personal life makes riding the waves so much simpler!!!!!!.