Thursday, June 3, 2010

Around the world

a long time ago i had mentioned a Mr. Cool Cucumber, a friend who had managed to slip off the cliff and head tumbling down into a black hole that had consumed his living realities.

In a week, he had lost his gf, his job, his ability to stay in India and the most favourite thing of all time.. ie his bike that had to be left here before he could move back to UK. This morning I got a mail from him that reeked of a new surge of hope and optimism.

He sent off an email to every friend that he knows about.. with an ambitious plan to take his bike across the world travel. to see the continents on a bike and raise sponsorships for this plan as well...... that plan may or may not fortify but once u have clarity of what and where u need to be a few years from now.... the immense pulling power of that plan is enough to let u sail through the immediate short term issues that come up in the middle of it all

Travellling is an experience that u hate and love at the same time. It tires you, humbles you and leaves u wondering what is happening ... yet at the same time it makes ur world expand so enormously that you are moved and changed in manners that you have no idea about till the deed is already done

The time for me to be a backpaper may be running out.. to travel unhindered. but the time to travel is never ever far away.

June - You are the month of discipline, fitness and work. Time to get money saved, and move out to travel, a weekend trip and planning  2 international trips this year. You can do it Blondie. u have the time, the dedication time to stand strong, stand tall take pride in yourself and your plans and execute each morsel of work coming ur way with immense precision. It is possible and is the only way to feel good about yourself.. actioning it all