Wednesday, June 16, 2010

scratching head

Am sitting here scratching my head wondering what todays post shall be dedicated to. A part of me wants to write something relevant, larger than me and the little comfort world that i am calling my life; another part of me wants to reminiscence and dwell not on global worries but teeny tiny concerns that effect no one and are really not tangible.

Given how i feel shall go with the latter and not worry for the now about the moral deaths and honour killings in UP.

The family shocks are like the after shocks of the earthquake tumbling into mild waves and not more. Mom is adorable, she jumped into action time within 24 hours and decided to do the one thing that gives mothers refuge, she called the little astrologer fellow sitting in some corner of Bengal and gave him a stringent half hour deadline to come back with a gut based reading of what lay in store.

Well thankfully, the guy was gushing and enthusiastic and told mom to lay off and not interfere... hahhaa and she obliged.. think its adorably cute and semi retarded both at the same time.

There is such a duality about this entire concept. On one hand there is a belief in the world of tarots, the science of astrology and planetary positions, on the other there is the strong conviction about making what you want out of life and that shall happen as well. You create and are the SOLE person responsible for your TODAY and tomorrow.

The interplay between what then is written as destined to be and that what i created to be -- is a mesh of a line that cant be segregated.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in a talk once said. ----- Think of a cow tethered to a pole with a long rope. The circle that he can make with the length of the rope is the field of play that destiny permits him to make, but how far he explores the length of that circle is his free will. He may move only 4 feet and never extend this limit... or push it to the extreme length of the rope................only you never know the reason why he is moving, is he destined to move or did he will it.