Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Friends made it happen

27th and 29th May were spent by the family getting the cars ready to go and pick up friends of the groom, arriving at different times from across the globe. Hong Kong, Australia, America, Germany, Britain, people flew in from different places, sat on a plane for hours just to be in India for 3-4 days to attend the wedding.

For some this was the very first trip to India, for some the 3-4th, but for each there was a spirit of living it up, being as non obtrusive as possible and instead focusing only on ensuring that they had as good a time. All of them got into the Kurta Payamas, had turbans on their heads, the girls managed sarees better than I ever could have ... and danced with gay abandon

As the bus packed with them moved towards the wedding procession, I saw my brother relax. The presence of each of them was a validation of the fact that he was loved, that they were there. As we struggled to find some common songs that strung the group together, the booze and the atmosphere did the magic of stringing each one together.

Made me think, as much as i wanted to.. do i have the bandwith to fly to say Ivory Coast for a friends engagement for 4 days and come back.. I would love to.... but i dont have the depth right now. Got back the gory reminders about (i) the power of currency conversion and (ii) the traveller spirit........ all combined..

But how does this sound as a wedding.... and this is my last post on the matter..

A lovely open air place, by the sea maybe...... a set of friends and family u and he call home, a breeze a solemn ceremony... a lovely sit down dinner with toasts and speeches, photos and memories, live music and dancing, lots of drinks and food. everyone exhausted sitting around a fire and songs being strung on the guitar and when the night is cast and the sun peeps through u head out with the sun to start life anew....