Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the mojo is back

Fever bye bye. Mellowness bye bye.All this n that and but n why bye bye. Fine I admit it that I am a control freak and also a mulberry tree freak who insists on analysis paralysis, too much thought and little action.

totally unrelated, but have u ever seen the chinese animal calender thing? the one where the year you are born determines the animal u r? well i am a rooster, and the one line that would always make me laugh was.. big thinker little doer!! haha how apt

well yesterday was action day and how. Room has been remodeled, the pending lists of things completed, a course exactly suited for my needs located and more than that a centering letting me flow with life and its ebb been found, instead of clutching on super duper tight. am sometimes like a lunatic micro managing things to the nth degree.. flow and enjoy the ride.. maybe a better thing to do!!!!

to that for the day.. simple joys and movement..