Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Blues

Seems to be that I live 2 lives, much like Cinderella but on a weekly basis…. As in during the weekends I am the princess Cinderella, all happy alive swarming with possibilities, happy to be doing whatever it is that is being done. But come Monday, the clock seems to strike 12 and the realities of life are back to bite.

Its seems to be the last stretch, there is a new office in the horizon and the promise of colleagues. While that is a break from the lack of a routine, there is an inner restlessness that is coming in waves and cannot be ignored any longer.. Feel like a starving Shark, that has been swimming across oceans and nibbling on the offerings available but now wants a big fat MEAL!!! Akin to eating a baby seal or something

Ok shall stop writing trash. Am in a business mode and that by itself is fantastic. It shakes me up from the passive lethargy and makes me DO things as opposed to making long lists.

So working backwards this is the blue print for the next 2 months – approximately.....

Work wise
  • ·         June- complete the research piece. This week is the last week for it.
  • ·         July onwards – Start full time with Bhupi; see how much work and depth of work he has to offer; law firm approach; send out resumes, and see how I want to some consulting with man to happen.
  • ·         On the personal front – Ahoy Fitness.. P and I resume the gym and the yoga and that shall make me a happier person. Gives the day a structure and gets me back to a inner silence space that has been missing for ages.
  • ·         Save and get a camera lens, 1 photo workshop and the online German course to start as well
  • ·         And one holiday in July.

So bottom line start scouting for a break, give the new guy a honest effort and in the mean time keep the self learning happening. Maybe it is like the lady mentioned in the month of Janurary, this is the year of love and the career shall chug along as it shall without too much to show for it

Unrelated. I have 2 sheep who are parked below the house and insist on braying .. is that what sheep do through out the day!!!!!!! It is annoying the daylights out of me and have no idea what to do about it either.. Jesus Christ all mighty someone do something.