Friday, June 4, 2010

iddhar uddhar ki baat

Dressed in salwar kameez
the rain came with the breeze
drenched us all to the bone
even as strangers gave us chatris to ward off the cold

the dripping windsheild and the traffic jam
did nothing to dampen the evening plan
candles and dinner came together
as charades were player
hither thither

love and imagination
went hand in hand
to create moments- not made by a sane man

the after effects still abound
in lingering thoughts and fantazies
more of this is what i seek
hugging myself and holding it all close
cant believe its here, its real and its mine to hold

this is a shit poem,
complete crap
matters not, its a secret trap
to share something i cant share
and tell u these things, i would not dare
suffice to say .... somethings are best left unshared!