Monday, May 31, 2010

and it is done

I am sitting in my childhood room, as i am typing this from Delhi 2 days after the wedding is over. Only difference is that now this has become my brother and his wife's room and we are all learning the new norms of opening and closing doors.

The line of privacy is being drawn as you welcome a new person within the intimate folds of the family, and it is not as tough as everyone makes it out to be.

So phew. the BIG FAT INDIAN WEDDING is over. I fly to blore and normalcy in a few hours. did not miss blore much, did not feel i belonged here either, missed a certain someone a lot and the rest paled in comparison. There is oodles to write about what the wedding meant, or did not mean, how badly behaved i was etc etc.. all i know is that this is not the scale, the maddness or the tamasha that i want for mine.. that much i am certain off...

the wedding post mortem from my eyes with the saga n the mystery i shall share later.. but for now it is good just to breathe easy in the knowledge that i have my personal space back again.. what has been up world?