Monday, May 3, 2010

Blonde episode 3

Hahahahaaha this one is just stupid and yet typical me.
think the cops and me have some unfinished karmic business left to do.

So here is how Saturday night was spent. A relaxed morning with listening to musings of the heart broken kind, we decided to head for a hearty English breakfast in the middle of Bangalore. Cafe Ants, the only place that lets you eat, with your legs tucked securely below you, as you muse over the newspaper and catch up on the latest political upswings

3 gay ever so happy men sat beside us, laughing as they snatched each others cell phones and set dirty horny messages to ex lovers, one could not but hoot with laughter at the desperate swings being made by the victim to retrieve the instruments again.. Burping in contentment, the day looked lazily promising as we wondered what next lay on the agenda

Well. moments like these can only be filled with SHOPPING !!! So off we went, to walk the by lanes looking for socks and nose pins, some cushions, movies and inanities that make life worth living. 2 fresh lime sodas and minty cools down to beat the sun at her games the only thing that made sense was couch potatoing.

Freedom Writers, choosen as the entertainment of the day as we slouched incapable of movement. Rain gods came and went, Vayu decided to do her act to persuade us to move and not wanting to let her down we did. Moved that is.

So decided to walk by the lake. Its gorgeous these little Blore lakes, where the reflection of the surrounding areas mirror the city as you take in the trees with the stars peeping in between. Taking in nature, we just spoke about nonsense, amazed at the solitude that surrounded us.

Till a growling tummy made us move. Walking below the lamps, we heard shrieking whistles yelling at us. A man with his arms waving in the air, tried to get our attention. Thinking the worst we stopped. the man ran towards us, huffing and panting in exhaustion.

Catching his breath he demanded to know what exactly were we doing in the park at that hour. It had shut over an hour back and we had no business being here, obviously we were upto no good and he would have none of that,. and NO HE DOES NOT WANT TO LISTEN TO US! THE COPS SHALL DO THAT!@!

hahahaa, lawyer Blondie is amused as she wonders what crime she can be affixed with! and is reciting the Crpc sections, how females cant be taken to the cop station at night and other such trivia about the justice system. The guard does not care a hoot, and we are made to wait for 20 minutes for man on the cheetah bike to show up.

He does. The cheetah cop surfaces
yells in kannada
we reply kannada gotila.(dont understand sir) with big beaming smiles
he grunts
takes out a diary and records .. well what else but my fathers name. and as an afterthought mine!

Tries to make sense of the guards anger, my explanation, the heated exchanges and the frank looks.
makes a desperate attempt to scare me, by saying he shall call my father
gives up
shrugs, hops on to his bike and leaves

Blondie saves herself by her magical legalese!
hahahaa y am i so accident/cop prone?
i wonder