Monday, May 24, 2010

mucho love

There is an inexplicable things called Indian Sangeets, they make no sense most of the time and yet are the most lavishly prepared for indian functions.

If you happen to be a part of a Marwari kind of wannabe family, then it becomes the one time when as my coffee buddy puts it, the girls from good families are allowed to come and strut their stuff on Bollywood numbers and seduce the young men dressed in the finest and make a loud deceleration that they have come of age.

A painful amount of time is spent on getting the love story right, then finding the songs with the appropriate lyrics that make the moment come true, this is made to come to life with well cheorographed songs.

There is something about the matkas and jhatkas of bollywood that my body refuses to get accustomed to and comply with,. but forgetting the seduction or grace of the moves, as i sat there seeing the hosts of neices and nephews come of age, take control of the entire function and bring it to life, i saw years of memories trot by

The girl friends my brother had and we wondered if she would be the one, the trivia that he and i did, the countless sangeets that he and me got ready for fellow sisters and brothers, and the excitement of what to wear as children, the gravity of the moment being eclipsed by the joy of the dancing and singing, the old videos still make me smile

now is morons turn, the brother to sit on the chair and laugh as we all trip over his romance that is now coming to life... sweet it is...the indian sangeet is not about getting it right, it is about the families just enjoying the togetherness of the madness.