Saturday, May 15, 2010

the funnest game

There are never enough drinking games that one can know. The old world games of truth and dare, strip poker, pscycho, or the one where u have to drink the beer fastest have become lame and not that much fun anymore. 

So it was super refreshing to play 2 brand new games, ok one brand new game and one a refined version of UNO

This is the game. Dont judge before you read the whole thing, is way more fun that way.

Step 1-  Everyone sits in a circle and has a sheet of paper. On the sheet of paper u write one sentence, ANYTHING is ok! and pass it on to the person on the right.. For example the sentences were as varied as - to be or not to be, she hit it with the music, Santa clause will be hit if he gets a bloq job, Lucy got slapped by a monkey... get the drift?

Step 2-- The person has to draw out the sentence that has been written out.  And before passing it to the person on the right has to fold the sentence that was written inititally. So the person now only has the drawing to see...
Example-  Instead of Leena got slapped by a money, he only gets to see some scribble of girl and creature. 
Person writes what he think he sees... Hooker is getting strip searched 
He folds the earlier drawing, now only the sentence is visible and that is passed on further. 

Step 3- The person now draws his interpretation of the sentence.. and so on it carries on..

Once the paper is filled up for everyone, you open the sheet and look at it all. and thats when the laugh riot begins, its hilarious ;-) must try it to see that mad lines and drawings that come up.. wont spoil it by telling all..

Have not laughed till i cried for a while, and yesterday was one such day!